Stray lion remains elusive

THE stray lion that has reportedly been roaming some parts of Bulawayo for the past two weeks was still to be caught by yesterday and authorities are yet to establish its origins.

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Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) have been tracking the lion amid claims by some residents that they spotted it in the leafy Burnside area last week.

The lion has not killed any livestock or attacked people fuelling speculation it could have escaped from captivity as it is suspected to be tame.

Lion-spotted-in-burnsideIts spoor was first seen about 30km from Bulawayo near Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage and later in a number of eastern suburbs which included Waterford, Burnside and the farming area of Hope Fountain.

Zimparks southern regional manager Arthur Musakwa yesterday said the lion had not been accounted for, adding that his team was still on the ground searching for it.

“We have not found it as yet. At the moment we have not heard of any sighting or any major incidences such as loss of life to livestock (or people),” he said.

“However, our team is on the ground searching for it. If we hear of any sighting we will let you know.”

Zimparks public relations officer Caroline Washaya Moyo dismissed speculation the lion could have escaped from captivity within the city.

“Those people saying that can tell us which property so that we could go and investigate.

“We have a database of who is keeping lions and so far there is no one who has come informing us about people keeping lions illegally,” she said.

Chipangali officials have dismissed reports that the lion could have escaped from the orphanage.

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