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Man dodges one car, hit by another


A man from Queens Park East in Bulawayo is lucky to be alive after being knocked down by a car while trying to cross Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Street close to 12th Avenue yesterday morning.



According to an eyewitness Farai Moyo, the man identified as Speaker Dube tried to cross the street running and was missed by a car on the outer lane, but was knocked down by a slower moving vehicle on the inner lane.

“The man lying on the road came running from the south, was missed by the first car as he crossed the street, but the car on the inner lane hit him,” Moyo said.

“If the car had been moving at high speed, we could have been talking something else,” The driver of the Chariot vehicle that knocked Dube — Regis Mushangwe — said the victim jumped avoiding oncoming traffic and the next thing he saw was him on his car windscreen.


“Dube was avoiding another car on the left outer lane and jumped on my windscreen. This man has a mental problem according to some people,” Mushangwe said.

Dube sustained a broken arm and a cut on his forehead which was attended to at the accident scene by an ambulance crew before being taken to Mpilo Central Hospital.

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