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SISTER FROM HELL: Woman demands sex from brother


A 29-YEAR-OLD Mfelandawonye woman has been arraigned before the courts facing allegations of demanding sex from her brother.


Abigal Muzamba
Abigal Muzamba
Abigail Muzamba appeared before Victoria Falls resident magistrate Sharon Rosemani yesterday and did not respond to the charges after stating that she was feeling cold and begged the court to release her.

“I don’t know the reason I am here. Maybe if you can explain to me after getting me something warm to wear because the police locked me for some time in cells without blankets,” Muzamba told the magistrate. Prosecutor David Tivakudze told the court that on June 10, Muzamba phoned her 20-year-old brother, who lives at their rural village, and told him to come to Victoria Falls urgently saying she had found him a job.

The brother is said to have arrived at his sister’s place on June 13 during the day and it was alleged that at around 8pm, she called him into her bedroom.

When Muzamba’s brother went in, he found Abigail lying on the bed stark naked and he immediately bolted out.

The State alleged that Abigail jumped after her brother and grabbed him, and allegedly told him that she wanted to be intimate with him since they were both mature.

It was the State’s case that the two fought until the brother escaped to a nearby bush.

He was said to have returned home at around midnight fearing that he could be harmed by wild animals and lit a fire outside the house.

Abigail again allegedly approached her brother while still naked and begged him to have sex with her saying it was the only way of cleansing herself of bad luck.

The siblings fought again when she tried to drag him to the bedroom. Abigail was allegedly saying he would go nowhere without sleeping with her.

The State said Abigail took an axe and threatened to chop Luke to death if he continued spurning her sexual demands.

The young man fled and made a report to the police that same night resulting in Abigail’s arrest.

The brother told the court that his sister was pretending to be mentally ill because of the embarrassment she faced.

“She is lying and faking to be mentally ill. This is out of embarrassment and lies because she told me that she had called me to have sexual intercourse with her.

“There was never a job for me,” he said.

Rosemani said she suspected Abigail was mentally ill and remanded her in custody.

Abigail is set for mental examination today.

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