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Green Horse bus loader in near fatal accident


A GREEN HORSE bus loader Melulwazi Maphosa was involved in a near fatal fall at the Ncema turn-off in Esigodini last Wednesday when the conductor indicated to the driver to take off before he could board.


The bus was travelling from Bulawayo to Ntalale in Matabeleland South. Melulwazi said he was going up the bus carrier when the conductor whistled indicating to the driver to take off.

Melulwazi said he ran for the door, but because the bus was already in motion, he could not get a foot on the door step and dangled for about 50m before losing his grip and falling off. The rear wheels bruised his right leg from the calf to the ankle and the bus only stopped 100m after he had fallen off.

“l had just packed goods on top of the bus and was climbing down when I heard the conductor whistling for the bus to go. I ran to the door and got hold of the frames and dangled for some 50m until l lost grip and fell,” Melulwazi said.

He said the bus crew picked him up and drove to Gwanda where the conductor gave him $10 to catch lifts back to Bulawayo for treatment.

He said when he arrived in Bulawayo, he experienced difficulties walking. A Green Horse official who only identified himself as Musendami said he was phoned by the bus crew informing him about the accident and he told them to take Melulwazi to Gwanda Hospital.

Musendami said the crew told him that Melulwazi was well enough to travel to Bulawayo for treatment.

“I heard of the accident and told the crew to take Melulwazi to hospital, but l was told that he was okay to travel to Bulawayo. l am going to see him this (Thursday) morning,” Musendami said.  

Thandolwenkosi Maphosa, Melulwazi’s father, said Musendami refused to report the accident to the police saying his son could be treated without a police report.

“If there is an accident, it must be reported to the police, but Musendami is saying my son can be treated without a police report. This is not the first time this bus has had such an accident,” Maphosa added.

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