City master plan review to cost $500 000

REVIEW of the Bulawayo City Council’s current 15-year master plan set to expire in 2015, is projected to cost $500 000 and the local authority has indicated that a tender for the review process would be flighted as town planners feel council has failed to implement the plan.


Council indicated that it could approach the World Bank to finance the programme.

The master plan was approved in August 2001 and only became operative in June 2004.

However, council has been struggling to implement it (in its entirety) saying the economic meltdown at the beginning of the millennium brought the master plan activities to a virtual halt.

Among the major issues contained in the master plan was the incorporation of Umguza into Bulawayo and establishment of the city as a strong economic base with new industries being planned along Airport Road as well as the provision of adequate and appropriate housing facilities.

The latest council report said there was need to review the plan.

“Over the past 13 or so years, the economic, social and political landscape has changed so much that there is now need to review the proposals of the master plan that was conceived at the turn of the millennium.

“The interpretation is that life of the master plan is coming to an end in 2015, but technically this is not as proposals are long term in nature and master plans do not expire, but need to be reviewed in view of the time and the environmental dynamism,” part of the report reads.

“It is necessary for the city to undertake constant examination and review factors which affect or are likely to affect the functions and forms of the city.

“Indications are that this process could cost something in the region of $500 000.

“This figure could be below $300 000 in view of the fact that the city already has the water and wastewater master plan and
road condition survey which are integral parts of the master plan.”

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