Woman pulls hubby’s privates

A 24-YEAR-OLD Victoria Falls woman has appeared in court on Wednesday for allegedly grabbing and pulling her husband’s testicles during a domestic scuffle.


Shingirirai Phiri of Chinotimba high-density suburb appeared before Victoria Falls resident magistrate Sharon Rosemani and pleaded guilty to physical abuse and was remanded out of custody to August 6.

For the State, Listen Nare told the court that on May 29 at around 10pm, Phiri and her husband Joseph Fombe (28) were at home when he asked her why she had influenced her sister-in-law to report his younger brother for assaulting her.

Phiri reportedly ignored him and when he was going to the bedroom from taking a bath, she followed and grabbed and pulled him by his testicles. Fombe screamed for help but Phiri did not let go as she went on to pick a metal chair and struck him once on the head.

She also bit him below the shoulders and allegedly told him that she was tired of his bullying.

In denying the allegations, Phiri told the court that she grabbed him in self-defence.

“I pulled him by his private parts because I wanted to protect myself as he had spent the whole evening beating me with his younger brother,” she said.

“He always threatens to kill me and as l speak I am now taking pills for blood supplement because the doctor said my health is at a critical point because of the abuse that I always suffer. Yesterday (Tuesday) night he kicked me out of the house with my two children indicating that he was fed up with us.”

Fombe told court that he had no reason to abuse his wife and blamed the law for not helping him.

“I was coming from the bathroom, still naked and she grabbed my private parts and pulled them,” he said.

“I pushed her and that was the time she took a wooden chair and struck me on the head before biting me.

“My younger brother rushed into the bedroom as I was screaming and that is the time she stopped pulling me and rushed to get a knife saying she wanted to butcher me. My brother grabbed her as l quickly dressed to make a report to the police, but I couldn’t walk properly and I was bleeding.

“Ever since I married her, I have been imprisoned on two occasions because she quickly rushes to the police even if she was fighting back. Even the time I went to report at the police base, they laughed at me and refused to open a docket.

“They asked what kind of a man reports a woman to the police.

“That is the reason she always assaults me because the law always supports women,” Fombe added.

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