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Ex-Police boss death threat trial to start


RETIRED West Nicholson police boss Superintendent Paul Muwoni is set to appear in court for allegedly threatening to kill a commercial farmer’s daughter in a battle for control of the disputed Olympus Block Farm.


Sources said after the case was reported in February, Muwoni was now set to appear in court next month for allegedly threatening to murder farmer Nichola Rogers and malicious damage to property after he broke a padlock to the farm’s locked gate.

Nichola is the daughter of Dundley Rogers with whom Muwoni is involved in a legal battle for control of the farm.

In December 2013, Gwanda magistrate Reuben Mukavhi ordered Rogers to vacate Olympus Block Farm to pave way for Muwoni, who was allocated the land via the agrarian reform.

The Lands ministry had taken Rogers to court for illegally occupying gazzetted land.

However, Rogers, through his lawyer Josphat Tshuma, appealed against Mukavhi’s ruling at the High Court.

He argued that his company Rogers Brothers and Son (Pvt) Ltd owned 17 408 hectares of land prior to the land reform programme and was allocated 1 000 hectares in 2003 by the district lands committee and the Lands ministry.

He said he had been in peaceful possession of the piece of land for a decade until Muwoni showed up in 2011 with an offer letter for the same land he occupied.

On January 29 at around 8pm, Muwoni allegedly went to the disputed farm and demanded keys to the sheep kraal and was told by a caretaker that Nichola, who had the keys, was not around.

Muwoni allegedly proceeded to the kraal and broke the padlock valued at $48 and set free the sheep telling the caretaker he no longer wanted them in his kraal as the farm belonged to him.

A few days later in February, Muwoni met Nichola on the Bulawayo-Beitbridge Highway near West Nicholson.

“I saw a white car following me and hooting. I then parked by the side to let it pass and realised it was Muwoni. I turned back to a police roadblock and he followed me,” Nichola’s submissions read.

When he got to the roadblock, he allegedly went to the complainant’s car window and said: “Are you Nikki? If you step one foot onto my farm, I will kill you. If you come to my farm I will kill you, do you understand? I will take your life from you.

“I will see you in court and I will win and you will leave this place with everything to your last panties,” Muwoni allegedly said.

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