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Khami prison torture exposed


A Khami Remand Prison inmate facing charges of armed robbery and attempted murder yesterday claimed that more than 30 prison guards were authorised by three senior officers to assault him on Tuesday last week for reporting a case of sodomy.


Richard Fambirai (33) of Nketa, who appeared in court yesterday alongside co-accused Bruce Ziyambi (37) of Entumbane and Daniel Nkosi (22) of Mzilikazi on armed robbery and attempted murder charges, made the revelations before Bulawayo Regional Court magistrate Mark Dzira.

Fambirai requested to address the magistrate before trial could begin and revealed that he had been severely tortured by warders for reporting the sodomy.

“Last Tuesday we were here; when we got back to Khami Prison, I heard a man crying and people gathered around him,” he said.

“He had been sodomised by another inmate and was bleeding from the back.

“Other inmates were baying for the sodomiser’s blood, but I tried to tell them to report to the guards and I took it upon myself to report.” Fambirai.

Fambirai, who had facial wounds and stood with difficulty in the dock, said when he reported the sodomy, guards told him never to say such things as they discredited prison authorities.

“The guards said I must never say such a thing because the media would be on the prisons and that would discredit the prisons,” he said.

“They assaulted me and they were more than 30. Three senior officers authorised them; one is called Nyama, the other is Moyo and the officer-in-charge Mpofu.

“They threatened to kill me saying I talk too much. I sustained injuries on the forehead, legs and back. I am bleeding and urinating blood.

“I have spinal cord pains and received no treatment at all. I was put into cells of convicted inmates so that they could kill me.”

Fambirai alleged that his hands were handcuffed behind him and was not given blankets and food from Friday until yesterday when he was being taken to court.

Dzira ruled that Fambirai was unable to stand trial as he was injured and needed treatment.

He ordered the State to investigate the torture and remanded the case to October 8.

Allegations against the three and Morgan Zulani Ndlovu (33), who is suspected to be mentally ill and was not in court, were that they robbed a woman at her flat along Josiah Tongogara Street in Bulawayo.

Ndlovu allegedly kicked the woman’s relative on the stomach during the same robbery and fled. The four gained entry into the flat by pretending to be Zesa workers fixing electrical faults.

Detectives apprehended Nkosi after shooting him in the thighs when he ignored several warning shots. Fambiari was arrested after hiding the firearm he had used.

Ziyambi was arrested on July 26 and led police to Suburbs where Ndlovu was apprehended.

Ndlovu then led police to a rubbish dump where a 32 Ruby and 38 Special Colt revolvers were recovered.

Ziyambi led police to Makokoba where a Smith and Wesson revolver they had stolen from Burnside was recovered.

On August 6, Fambiari led police to Barbour Road in Parkview where a 9mm FN Browing pistol loaded with five rounds of ammunition was recovered.

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