Villagers pool resources to repair boreholes

VILLAGERS in Chirumanzu’s Ward 7 in the Midlands province have pooled resources to repair two boreholes in a bid to access clean water, according to their councillor.

Stephen Chadenga

Taruvinga Duvai told the Southern Eye in an interview that community members from two villages in the ward came together to repair the boreholes after they were forced to fetch water from a clinic, 8km away.

“We came up with a committee to look into the issue of two broken boreholes in Machinja and Urayayi villages,” he said.

“The villagers co-operated fully and money was raised to buy the parts needed to restore the two boreholes and manpower to repair came from the villagers themselves.”

Duvai paid tribute to the villagers for uniting in resolving challenges affecting their livelihoods.

“It is quite encouraging that villagers can mobilise themselves and approach the leadership to solve the water problem affecting them,” he said.

A villager, Felistus Chigumbu, said members in the two villages held a meeting to discuss the water problems they faced as a result of the boreholes breaking down.

She said the villagers encourage each other to have a sense of ownership on issues affecting them.

“Because we have a policy of ownership of problems affecting us, we managed to unite to solve the water problems even before we consult our local leadership for guidance,” Chigumbu said.

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