President donates vehicle to Brunapeg Mission

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Wednesday donated a UD40 four-tonne truck to Brunapeg Parish Mission after being informed about its transport crisis by Senior Minister Simon Khaya Moyo.


The plight of the parishioners drew the sympathy of Mugabe, who earlier this week dispatched Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo to arrange for the immediate purchase of the truck using the president’s personal funds.

Chombo approached Croco Motors, which donated a Ford Ranger 4X4 upon hearing that Mugabe was buying the vehicle to donate to the parish.

Croco Motors chairman Moses Chingwena declined to divulge the value of the two vehicles saying “it is not necessary”.

Mugabe emphasised the importance for individuals with the means to support communities in their personal capacities at the handover of the vehicles held at State House in Harare.

Mugabe recounted to the Brunapeg Parish’s Father Innocent Ndlovu how he had spent several years in the region as a teacher at mission schools.

He said religious missions had made important contributions to the community and urged people to support them in their good work of offering quality education and the Word of God in outlying areas.

Moyo thanked the First Family and Croco Motors for the donation to his home village parish saying this would enable the parishioners’ work to be spread to larger areas of Matabeleland South.

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