More jail time for Jabulani Sibanda

“Most of the policies in Zanu PF are good, but they have been betrayed and made to serve the few and these are the core issues why they are purging me.” Jabulani Sibanda

FORMER Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association leader Jabulani Sibanda (56) yesterday spent his fourth night in custody after a Harare magistrate further remanded in custody to today.


Sibanda, who was arrested last week for allegedly insulting President Robert Mugabe while addressing a group of war veterans in Manicaland province on October 27 this year, was not asked to plead to the charge when he appeared before Harare provincial magistrate Vakai Douglas Chikwekwe.

President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

His lawyer — former Attorney-General — Sobusa Gula Ndebele is expected to apply for bail.

Prosecutor Jonathan Murombedzi, who appeared together with Oliver Marwa, told the court that on October 27 2014 at Herbert Mine in Mutasa, Sibanda addressed an illegal gathering of war veterans at a disused
mine where remains of about 100 ex-fighters were set to be reburied.

Murombedzi said Sibanda addressed the gathering although the reburial exercise had been rescheduled to a later date by Home Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi.

The State alleges that in his lengthy speech, Sibanda claimed that Mugabe and First Lady Grace were hatching a bedroom or boardroom coup through which they wanted to remove Vice-President Joice Mujuru from her position.

Home Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi
Home Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi

The court heard that Sibanda claimed that Mugabe wanted to use the alleged coup to remove Mujuru from her positions in the government and Zanu PF and replace her with Grace.

It was further alleged that Sibanda said he was not prepared for that because “power was not sexually transmitted”.

Sibanda’s lawyer told the court that his client wanted the trial to be held in his home area, Bulawayo.

But investigating officer Chief Superintendent Luckson Chikazhi raised objections, saying Sibanda had not raised such concerns during his arrest.


  1. Let Sibanda face the music.At least you get to know what it means to be arrested and jailed for no crime.I dont believe that Jabu committed any crime against anybody but all the same let him taste the beater medicine he has been administering to Zimbabweans all along.

  2. If the zeal with which police deal with “political enemies’ were also applied to corrupt people this country would be paradise

  3. Just a few points:

    (1) Jabu said he was NOT prepared for ‘that’. That does not sound like ANY crime to me. He did not spell out how or by what treasonous conduct he was going to oppose it. I mean, he would argue that “True, but I meant that I will oppose and fight it through constitutional ways. He who alleges some criminal plot in the means should step out and prove it”.

    (2) Why has the media not told us why Jabu and his defence lawyer wanted a change of venue, we must NOTE that that application is/was before the Court, why do we read of the Policeman, investigating officer objecting to the application? Something has not been written/reported properly here. Change of venue applications are issues for the Court, argued by the Public Prosecutor.

    However, both professionally and customarily; a crime should be investigated and prosecuted in the area where it has been committed. Is the investigating officer suggesting that he/she has not yet completed investigations and there is a lot that will derail investigations should the venue be moved? In any event, as a constitutional matter, either way; the matter will end up in Harare anyway.

    (3) But, not to worry much, Jabu has only been locked away because of intelligence gathered that he would be instrumental in leading dissenting War Liberation Heroes at this time of ZANU appointments mayhem. He will soon join others in celebrating the new team of leaders.

    (4) Jabu, Lokhu ukhufundisa isifundo ungakhohlwa.

  4. For more than 10yrs Jabu failed to raise a finger to improve the lot of the warveterans as their condition worsened by the day.He choose to molest and crucify innocent citizens for holding views other dissimilar to those of his avowedly revolutionary party,ZANU-PF. Today, the same party has him feeding big louse and bedbugs in custody—-what a revolutionary party. Jabu must face the music till the courts declare him innocent–he never gave many that chance himself while seeking extra-judicially defined ‘enemies’ of the same party in the past ten years—some lived to see the following day as amputees, while some never got a chance to breathe for another second under his torment—-poetic justice indeed.

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