Man bashes girlfriend over rentals


A 31-YEAR-OLD man from Nketa suburb appeared in court after he attacked his girlfriend over a misunderstanding of their rental payments.


This came to light when the man, Effect Khumalo appeared before Western Commonage provincial magistrate, Willard Mafios Moyo, charged with contravening Section 3(1) of the Domestic Violence Act.

He pleaded guilty to the charge and was remanded in custody to January 23 for sentencing.

In his defence, Khumalo told the court that it was only a misunderstanding between him and his girlfriend, Saliwe Ncube.

He said they could have resolved the matter without resorting to the courts, but Ncube hastily reported the crime to the police. “My girlfriend never gave me a chance to explain what led me to strike her with a chair,” he said.

“I had money issues on that day and she kept on nagging me about the rent.

I want us to solve this matter outside the court if it is possible your worship.”

Prosecutor Mufaro Mageza told the court that on the fateful day, Khumalo was at home with his girlfriend, when she requested for money to pay  rent.

Khumalo promised to give her the money in the morning.

Ncube persisted, asking him to pay up the rentals as soon as possible and this did not godown well with Khumalo, who picked up a chair and struck her twice on the head before she fell down.

Neighbours, who heard the noise, rushed to the scene and found Ncube lying down on the floor with blood oozing from her head.

They called the police, who arrested Khumalo.