Residents should benefit from national events: Mayor


VICTORIA FALLS mayor Sifiso Mpofu on Wednesday complained that despite a number of national events in the town, locals were not benefiting.

Ruth Ngwenya
Own Correspondent

Addressing stakeholders at the 21st February Movement preparatory meeting in the council boardroom, Mpofu said most services for events were brought from other cities like Harare when people in Victoria Falls could provide similar services.

“We host many beautiful events, but in most instances, Victoria Falls has not benefited anything,” he lamented.

“For a change, we should have locals providing us with entertainment and sound systems not to have people from Harare coming here to entertain us on this day.

“If you go to hotels, you will find that there are so many different performers who can entertain people. This can help develop and benefit our community.”

The 21st February Movement celebrations, which will be held in Victoria Falls next month to commemorate President Robert Mugabe’s 91st birthday, is an annual event organised by the Zanu PF youth league and has been commemorated since 1986.

“We are expecting the event to benefit the locals, not only in Victoria Falls, but Hwange district as a whole in terms of providing entertainment, catering, transport and accommodation on the day of the event,” organising secretary of the event, Bekezela Sibanda, said.

“This is the second time the event will be hosted by the province. About 100 letters have been sent to district companies requesting donations.”

Sibanda said the stakeholders’ meeting was meant to inform locals about the event.

Another meeting will be held tomorrow for the national organising committee.