Woman crushes neighbour’s manhood

A MEMBER of Zimbabwe National Army had one of his testicles removed after his neighbour, a 40-year-old woman, assaulted him on his private parts with a log, a court heard on Friday.

Ruth Ngwenya
Own Correspondent

Godknows Mathe (29), a soldier stationed in Harare, said he was still in pain after his neighbour, Monica Ndlovu from Jambezi, hit him twice on his private parts, leading to his right testicle being removed.

Ndlovu pleaded guilty when she appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate Sharon Rosemani facing charges of assaulting Mathe.

“I have become useless (impotent) because of this incident, the injury was serious and my waist is still painful,” he told the court.

“I have difficulties and feel pain even when l am urinating.

“I was supposed to go to work on Sunday, but l do not think l will manage because l am still in pain.”

Mathe said he had a good neighbourly relationship with Ndlovu and they would share food. He did not understand why she assaulted him after asking for food on the fateful day.

However, Ndlovu, a mother of four, said she assaulted Mathe in self-defence because he attacked her first.

“He came to my house and asked for food and l told him that l was still cooking,” she said.

“Mathe got upset and started insulting me. He took a chair that he was sitting on and threw it at me and then slapped me.

“I got angry and took a log which was near the fire and hit him once on his private parts.”

Ndlovu apologised to Mathe, his mother and the court for what she had done.

Prosecutor Listen Nare told court that on January 24 at around 8pm, Mathe was coming from Chikandakubi shopping centre walking to his home.

He passed through Ndlovu’s place and spoke to her husband. Ndlovu appeared from nowhere holding a wooden stick and started assaulting Mathe on his private parts.

Mathe cried and proceeded to his home where he had difficulties sleeping because of the pain.

His mother then called Ndlovu and her husband requesting that they explain to her what had happened and the husband claimed to be the one who had assaulted Mathe.

Mathe went to Hwange Colliery Hospital for treatment.

Ndlovu was remanded in custody to Wednesday for sentencing.

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