Old Khami Road ‘spirits’ appeased


THE Bulawayo community on Friday held a cleansing and prayer ceremony along Old Khami Road, an area considered to be a black spot following a number of accidents that have occurred there.


Bulawayo United Residents’ Association (Bura) organised prayers and the ceremony was attended by residents and members from different churches. Bura official, John Gasela, said they hoped that after the cleansing ceremony, the “spirit of death around Old Khami Road” would be appeased.

“We hope that our prayers will be answered and the spirit of death, which has been haunting this area, will be chased away,” he said.

“Quite a number of accidents have occurred in this same area and many of our relatives and friends have lost their lives. This area needs God’s intervention.”

Last month a commuter omnibus collided with a Delta beverages truck killing two people and injuring some passengers near Trek Service Station in Mpopoma.

Over the years a number of accidents have been recorded in that area. Councillor Charles Moyo, Ward 9, said the local authority should erect speed humps along Old Khami Road as a way of preventing drivers from speeding.

“I support the idea that the residents’ association is appealing for humps to be put along that road,” he said.

“Commuter omnibus drivers would be discouraged from speeding.”

Old Khami Road has seen a rise in the number of motorists using the road and it is most used by commuter omnibus operators.