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Lawyer ‘impregnates’ school girl


A KWEKWE lawyer is in trouble after he allegedly kept a Lower Sixth student overnight at his home and allegedly had unprotected sex with her sometime last year and she later became pregnant from the liaison.

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Tafadzwa Ganye is now facing a $5 000 lawsuit from the 17-year-old girl’s father.

The girl was forced to drop out of Kwekwe High School because of the pregnancy, which she alleges was conceived during the night spent at Ganye’s house.

In his founding affidavit lodged at the Kwekwe Magistrates’ Courts, the girl’s father submitted that his daughter slept at Ganye’s house on July 5 2014 and left the following day after being given $5.

“The defendant is fully aware that he had sexual intercourse with my daughter on July 5 2014 and slept with her on the day only to release her on July 6 and give her $5 to go to Gweru to her aunt after she had indicated to him that she was afraid to come back home,” he submitted in case 1313/14.

Ganye in his answering affidavit, although admitting that the girl slept at his house, denies sleeping with her and accuses her father of being a gold digger.

He alleges that the girl was a pimp, who would occasionally set him up with her friends.

Ganye alleges that on the night he was set up with a girl (name withheld) and did not at any particular time sleep with the complainant’s daughter.

The girl’s father told the court that his daughter was forced to drop out of school after her friends form Kwekwe High School spread gossip around the school and community that she had spent the night in Ganye’s place.

“I have suffered ridicule from the community and my daughter has been forced to drop out of school,” he submitted.

He is claiming $2 000 in contumela (deliberate disrespect), $1 000 for birth preparations and another $2 000 for loss of dignity.

Magistrate Vimbai Mutukwa is presiding over the matter, which is expected for trial on April 2.

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