Pumula women in dire need of maternity facilities

PREGNANT women in Pumula South, Bulawayo, are being forced to travel long distances to Pelandaba Clinic for delivery as the two clinics in their area do not have maternity facilities.


The issue was raised by Women in Leadership Development Trust (Wild) senior programmes co-ordinator Silethemba Mathe during a Constituency Development Programme workshop held in the city last Friday.

The workshop was organised by the Public Policy Research Institute of Zimbabwe in conjunction with the Wild, Abammeli Human Rights Lawyers’ Network and Southern Africa Parliamentary Support Trust.

“In ward 27 there is a clinic, but women complained that the health institution had no maternity ward and this forces them to travel to Pelandaba Clinic for maternity facilities,” Mathe said.

“They end up parting with a lot of money in cases of emergency because they cannot get services at local clinics.”

Mathe appealed to Pumula MP Godfrey Malaba to push for the establishment of maternity wards at Pumula Clinic.

Residents also complained over the absence of a secondary school in the area, saying the nearest schools were in Pumula North and East.

“In ward 27 we have no secondary school and children have to walk through the bush to distant schools,” a female resident who denied to be named said.

“This has seen some children being attacked by criminals, robbed or raped. So far this year we experienced two incidents of children being attacked by criminals.”

She pleaded with authorities to establish a secondary school in the area to alleviate the problem.

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