Mining firms bid to set up power stations in Binga

BINGA Rural District Council has been inundated by several companies that have shown interest in setting up thermal power stations and coal mining ventures, a development set to uplift the impoverished district.


According to council minutes, mining firms said they want to mine coal and establish thermal power stations.

This is set to complement power generation by Hwange Thermal Power Station, Kariba Hydro- electricity Power Station and other power stations in the country.

“There has been a firm indication from mining companies to mine coal and also establish two thermal power stations in the district,” part of the council minutes read.

“Monaf Mining (Pvt) Ltd intends to establish a coal mine and thermal power station in Muchesu, while Apex Mining (Pvt) Ltd intends to establish a coal mine and thermal power station at Kase in Sianzyundu ward. Hwange Colliery Company is also said to have been granted a coal mining concession in Lubimbi-Lusulu area.”


The local authority said it hoped these proposed mining ventures will become a reality before the end of the year.

“This would help improve the socio-economic status of the people in Binga District, in particular, and the nation at large,” the minutes read.

However, council expressed concern over the invasion of hunting concessions in Lusulu, Siabuwa, Manyenyengwa and Songo, adding the invasions had reduced trophy quality.

“Council continues to face problems of an increasing number of illegal settlers in Lusulu, Siabuwa, Manyenyengwa and Songo
hunting concessions, which has reduced the hunting area and this greatly affected the hunting activities,” council chairman, Dube Munkombwe said.

“The district land committee is working with council on identifying alternative land for resettlement of the illegal settlers.”

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