MLF shelves devolution, pushes for separate state

A SENIOR official of the secessionist Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) has urged fellow party members to dump their push for devolution and pile pressure for the restoration of a separate state of Mthwakazi in Matabeleland region.


MLF secretary for international relations, Crispen Nyoni yesterday said his party had realised that devolution would not address the marginalisation of people from Matabeleland.

“There have been numerous efforts applied without success to have this concept [devolution] incorporated into the governance of Zimbabwe since the advent of the so-called independence in 1980,” he said.

It is with great concern to note that some Mthwakazi people are still embedded in the notion that one day, the Zanu PF regime will yield to their pressure.


“What puzzles is why some people still waste resources on devolution in Zimbabwe when it is known that Zanu PF long turned a deaf ear on that. Let’s approach reality fairly. As long as one is a citizen of Mthwakazi, he will not throw out the notion of devolution entirely, but will advocate for its shelving for now, as we seek a senior option, that of restoration, then we shall devolve in a restored entity.”

The South African-based politician described local politicians still pushing for devolution as “ideologically bankrupt”.

MLF caused a stir in South Africa in 2011 when its members held a demonstration at the Zimbabwean embassy in the neighbouring country, demanding a separate Mthwakazi State.

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