Naked landlord storms into tenant’s bedroom, demands sex

A 43-year-old married man in Victoria Falls was recently taken to court on allegations of storming into his tenant’s bedroom eight times in one night demanding sex.

By Nokuthaba Dlamini


This was heard on Friday when Hebert Ndlovu of Chinotimba high-density suburb appeared before Victoria Falls resident magistrate, Rangarirai Gakanje charged with eight counts of unlawful entry and indecent assault.

It was the State’s case presented by Takunda Ndovorwi that on February 1, Sithetheni Netha (37) moved to Ndlovu’s house as a tenant. The same night at around 9pm, Netha’s husband left for work and Ndlovu sneaked into her bedroom naked and tried to kiss her.

Netha woke up and immediately switched on her cellphone torch and saw that it was her landlord and she bolted out.

Two hours later, Ndlovu returned to her bedroom and started fondling her for the second time and she screamed before threatening to call the police, but Ndlovu allegedly claimed he was checking on the door to see if it was working properly.

Netha then closed the door and supported it with a chair and she fell asleep.

Ndlovu again sneaked into the room and demanded sex from Netha, claiming his wife was not present and she protested, forcing him to leave.

At around 2pm, the nude Ndlovu went back into Netha’s bedroom, claiming he had the right to sleep wherever he wanted, forcing the latter to rush to the streets, where she reported the matter to police officers on patrol.

But Ndlovu denied the allegations and accused Netha of concocting the charges. He claimed he had spent the night in question fast asleep in his bedroom as was drunk.

The court, however, found him guilty on all eight counts of unlawful entry and indecent assault. He will be sentenced on April 13.

In a related matter, a 24-year-old Monde man, under chief Mvuthu failed to appear in court for his defence after being accused of fondling his neighbour’s wife, while the couple slept.

Stephen Moyo is accused of fondling Enerisi Mahura (24), on January 1. The court was told that Moyo, who was drunk, entered Tendai Mlambo’s bedroom hut at night and attempted to fondle his wife. Mahura ignored thinking it was her husband who was sleeping next to her, but immediately realised that it was not him but a stranger, who reeked of alcohol and she started screaming.

Some neighbours were called as witnesses before Mlambo severely assaulted Moyo using an axe handle.

Moyo and Mlambo reported each other leading to their arrest. The magistrate issued a warrant of arrest for Moyo, while Mlambo’s case is still ongoing.

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