Guta RaMwari cleanses black spots


MEMBERS of the Guta RaMwari Church on Saturday turned up in their numbers and held prayer sessions targeting black spots, particularly along the Bulawayo-Harare Highway.



Church secretary, Moses Manzini told journalists that the highway had become a death trap and needed divine intervention, hence, “we decided to hold cleansing ceremonies to rid the route of evil spirits”.

Manzini blamed human error for most road accidents and urged motorists to drive responsibly to reduce the fatalities.

“According to statistics, most, if not all, road accidents are caused by human error. There is need for motorists to respect human life and act responsibly to reduce the road carnage.

“As much as we are here today to ask God to intervene in this road carnage, we, as citizens have the key to accidents reduction through our co-operation with other road users and law enforcement agencies. Working together as stakeholders, we can term the traffic jungle,” he said.

Guta RaMwari co-ordinator, Eliphas Nketha said: “We believe when people die, there is bound to be some evil spirit that will hover around that particular place and that results in that place being called a blackspot.

“The main purpose of this cleansing ceremony is to ask God to reduce the spiritual challenges attacking motorists.”

Guta RaMwari had three processions coming from different directions, holding prayer meetings at selected black spots.

One group started from Bulawayo and held prayers at the Fairbridge turn-off to Connemara near Gweru, the other from Harare to Munyati Bridge in Kwekwe and the last from Munyati River Bridge to Hunters Road turn-off in Kwekwe.

Some of the black spots, where prayers were held include the Gadadi, Mbembesi, Insiza River, Shangani 10 signpost, the Kwekwe River (Connemara), Mr Maplanka, which is at the corner of the Bulawayo/Tynwald Roads at the Kuwadzana 2 roundabout; the Manyame bridge, after Mortton Jeffery Waterworks and the Empress turnoff.