Occupy City Hall protestors claim State intimidation


A GROUP of anti-government protestors camped at Large City Hall in Bulawayo have claimed they are being intimidated by State security agents, who are demanding they abandon the protest.


The activists, operating under the banner Tajamuka/Sesjikile, launched Occupy City Hall protest on Saturday, demonstrating against government’s failure to arrest the deteriorating socio-economic situation in the country.

They are also demanding that President Robert Mugabe steps down. Their protest ends tomorrow.

One of the campaigners, Happy Ncube, a former soldier, yesterday said State security agents had visited and tried to force them to abandon the protest.

“We are increasing in numbers, people are responding positively to our message even though we face challenges. We are seeing State security agents coming here trying to instil fear in those participating in the protest to abandon the protest,” he said.

“They drive vehicles without registration number plates thinking that we do not notice them, or they are forgetting that we were once in the security system and know how they operate. We know that is their strategy to intimidate us, but we will never be stopped, as it is our constitutional right to demonstrate.”

On Monday evening, about 40 activists braved the cold weather and took part in the protest.

Ncube, who spent 14 months in prison after his arrest for deserting his army job, also urged Zanu PF youths to participate in the “Mugabe must go” protest, as they were the worst victims of his alleged misrule.

“Every young person should join this revolution, even Zanu PF youths,” he said.

“We face the same problems. This campaign is not for us as individuals, but it’s for us the youths to prepare for our future. After this protest, we will also be embarking on a voter registration awareness programme urging youths to register to vote for the next elections.”

Anti-government activists in Harare recently had their Occupy Africa Unity Square protest quashed by police, with five of the protestors charged for robbery and released on $1 000 bail.