Delta Beverages in Egodini, Renkini clean-up campaign


WORKERS at the country’s leading beverages manufacturer, Delta Beverages, yesterday conducted a clean-up exercise at Egodini and Renkini bus termini in Bulawayo, as part of efforts to keep the city clean.


Delta Beverages
Delta Beverages

In an interview during the clean-up campaign, Delta spokesperson, Tsungai Manyeza said the company was also providing waste management kits to Bulawayo City Council (BCC).

“Delta’s commitment to manage waste spans from the management of waste right through to post-consumer packaging waste. The company supported the BCC with street cleaner’s kits in 2010, which comprised of a trolley, two bins, two brooms and a uniform,” she said.

“The company has over the years established 182 beverage waste collection centres across the country, with Bulawayo being allocated collection cages, which have been adopted by our various recycling partners. As such, this programme gives small enterprises with interest in beverage waste recycling access to separate beverage waste and they have subsequently realised significant business growth.”

Manyeza said the clean-up exercise was part of a communication campaign to promote waste separation and encourage recycling and the culture of turning trash to cash.

“In this programme, we commit to directing interested groups to where they can get PET collected for recycling and get cash in return. The campaign also hinges on emphasising the need for waste separation at household level. This is why it has been dubbed the Make a Difference – Recycle campaign,” she said.

“Delta is humbled by the cooperation of its partners. We trust that this multi-sectoral cooperation ushered by the BCC, Delta, the Environmental Management Agency, the formal and informal business community, residents associations, academic community, recycling companies and their agents will continue to grow, henceforth, as we strive for a cleaner city.”

Bulawayo mayor, Martin Moyo said the local authority always prides itself for being the country’s cleanest city.
He hailed Delta Beverages for complementing council’s efforts in tidying the streets.