Artistes join hands to fundraise for Nyabinde




Artistes across genres will take turns to perform at a fundraising concert for under the weather Afro-jazz legendary musician Bob “Headmaster” Nyabinde on Friday night at Theatre in the Park in Harare.

Nyabinde is one of the most celebrated musical talents in the country, widely known for his song Chabuda Hapana released in 2002 from his debut album Pane Nyaya, which topped charts and made waves on local radio stations.

He recently suffered a stroke and his sight has deteriorated due to his diabetic condition.

Rooftop Promotions is organising the musical concert that is both physical and virtual featuring Hope Masike, Victor Kunonga, Prudence Katomeni, Agga Nyabinde and Chipo Muchegwa.

Rooftop Promotions producer Daves Guzha, in a statement, said the organising committee was pleased with the response of the artistes, who heeded the call to participate.

“We have come together as his friends and artistes to do this show to assist him in the quest for his health,” he said.

Nyabinde’s son Agga, who is also performing at the concert, expressed gratitude to fellow artistes for the initiative.

“As his son and an artiste, I appreciate what fellow artistes are doing. Since music is our calling, there is nothing else we can do other than fulfil his wishes, that is listening to music while we are also helping him,” he said.

Masike, reinforcing the concept of ubuntu said she was excited to be part of the of performers.

“I enjoy enlarging our ubuntu and I think as musicians when any misfortune befalls one of us, we need to come together and work as a team to help one another” she said.

Guzha said in line with the COVID-19 guidelines, the show would accommodate limited physical audiences of not more than 100 while many would follow the performances virtually on different social media platforms.

Tickets for the show are being sold at Theatre in the Park offices.

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